We from MINEPC deliver the latest and fastest mining rigs for various cryptocurrency coins. All mining rigs are fully installed and tested before we send the miners to you. The mining rigs are delivered Plug & play, so you only need to change your wallet address. When receiving the mining rig, you will also find an information sheet with the necessary instructions to adjust this.

When you have purchased a complete mining rig, we offer teamview for free. We install teamview on the mining rigs, so when you have questions and / or problems with the mining rig, we can help you from a distance. Please note; We only offer free teamview with a fully purchased mining rig. If you have built a mining rig yourself, the following costs are involved: € 50.00 per hour with a starting rate of 30 minutes.

If we are not able the problem through teamview, we can repair the miner at our location. You can deliver the miner to us or send it to us. When you have purchased a complete miner, the repair costs are free. If you have made a miner yourself, the repair costs are: € 50.00 per hour with a starting rate of 30 minutes.

We can realize farms for you and prepare them from the beginning to the end. From arranging the room to installing the miners. This can also be done in cooperation, for example with investors.

We can give you advice on which software and hardware you can best use to realize how the cooling can be realized

Currently we are working on realizing a reseller website. This will be launched within a few months. If you are interested in reselling, please contact us.