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How to : Ethereum solo mining

Ethereum solo mining is not that hard to setup. Only try solo mining if you got more then 100 MH/s of hashrate otherwhise you are might need to wait verry long to find a block.

Make sure you downloaded the following software


1) Installing software

  • Install AMD Crimson display drivers
  • Install AMD OpenSDK
  • Install EthMiner (Ethereum-0.9.41-win64-20150818051156-a3b5006.exe) to C:\miner\
  • Copy geth.exe and the miner.bat file to C:\miner\Release\
  • Make a shortcut of miner.bat to your desktop


2) Setting up your geth ethereum account

  • Open CMD (Start – Search : cmd)
  • CD to C:\miner\Release\
  • Enter “geth account new”
  • Fill in the passphrase (after that it will output your ethereum address)
  • Save passphrase and address
  • exit cmd (by typing exit)


3) Running software

  • Double click the miner.bat shortcut on your desktop to run the software (geth will download the blockchain wich can take up a few hours before the miner start doing its job)

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